Mission Statement

To provide services to seniors and the physically challenged, thereby giving families and caregivers peace of mind knowing that there is around-the-clock emergency monitoring for their loved one.

Our Helping Hand

We Send Help is a trusted name in Medical alert monitoring.

We Send Help LLC (WSH) is a medical alert company specializing in providing personal emergency monitoring services to seniors and those with physical and mental challenges. Providing proactive as well as emergency services in moments of need, to allow for their independent living.

Our multifaceted emergency system features multiple levels of service from a waterproof wireless button, two-way voice feature and a 24/7 emergency monitoring center. The device can be worn as a necklace which connects to the monitoring centre within seconds with just the push of a button. Two-way voice communications allows our trained operators to assess the situation and dispatch the proper level of help to the users? location. To our Age In Place Systems that  allow seniors to live independently in their homes without relying on wearables.  Our Voice Activated Alert provides ready access to assistance in an emergency without having to carry or press a button. Our trained emergency operators will be at hand to summon emergency help or contact family and friends within seconds should an emergency occur.

Unlike most traditional medical alert companies who offer a single product addressing a singular need, WSH offers a varieity of services to seniors allowing them to age in place. Services such as medication or pill reminder, activity alert, flood sensors, GPS technology and automatic fall detection are offered. As part of our social responsibility and dedication towards our senior citizens, we support and donate to causes relating to seniors.

Our medical alert devices and systems provides older citizens and the physical/mentally challenged access to emergency response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, helping them appreciate a new sense of independence so their children, loved ones and caregiver can find peace of mind in knowing that they're monitored round the clock